About Us

Africa Center for Project Management was established in 2006. The organization was formed to address capacity building needs among busy development and business professionals by offering Online Certificates and In-House training programmes. The organization has trained over 3500 professionals in relevant courses. ACPM values the communities we train in as engines and classrooms for knowledge dissemination. Through the online and distance learning programmes, we deliver timely and cost effective training programmes to development organizations, United Nations staff, civil servants, International development agencies, business people, corporate organizations, development workers and young people. Our training techniques ensure that knowledge dissemination is a continuous process, from the young to the old, from school going young adults to professionals.


Benefits of our Courses

• Internationally prepared training materials
• Training materials based on research and global best practice.
• An in-depth pre-course needs analysis.
•Recent real life case studies.
• Comprehensive course material.
• Unparalleled networking opportunities with professional peers .

We're continuously tracking the latest business trends and any new development agenda as well as monitoring employee attitudes to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful. The changing needs of our customers drive the planning and development of each and every course and In-house seminar.

• The recorded video lessons make it possible to listen and watch the lessons as often as necessary.
• All lessons are accessible worldwide.
• Studying by Distance Learning achieves the same qualifications as our Live Online Classes. You can start at any time and get access to our Lessons.
• Daily or weekly traditional classes can be inconvenient, stressful and costly.
• If you are not able to log on to our live online classes because of time differences, family or work commitments, you can enjoy the next best thing - Recorded Videos.
• Can't wait, won't wait? Start your lessons immediately!
• Study whenever it is convenient.
• Your queries can be sent to us by email or Chat, We will reply at the earliest opportunity.